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Capital Market Analysis by Isaac Winehouse

Investment is putting money in a company or project for the purpose of gaining profit. Basically, the investment is to buy an asset that is expected in the future be resold with a higher value. Investments can also be regarded as activities that take place by utilizing cash on today, with the aim to produce goods in the future.

Investment can be done in whatever form, can be in the form of money or non money. In the form of money for example, by saving some money in time deposits. While non-cash such as by buying land and houses with long-term goals.

The capital market is one type of investment that is very profitable compared with other investments. However, goods that made investments in this capital market is a securities, like stocks, bonds, convertible bonds, and others.

Investing in the stock market is not easy. The risk factor is always accompanied, if we can not read the market situation. We can gain great benefits, but on the contrary, we can also have huge losses if market conditions are not stable. And to reduce this risk, we can use the analysis of Issac Winehouse. Here we can get a very accurate analysis because they use the term market trends upward and downward.


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