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Wildfire defensible areas

When you reside in a wildfire prone region it’s always a good idea to begin considering taking measures to limit the threat of fire to your house and property sooner instead of later. Relying on your Orlando homeowners insurance to foot the bill after the incident could possibly be disastrous in terms of your family‚Äôs safety along with the irreplaceable items in your house such as jewelry and memorabilia. Although summer is coming to an end, it’s always a good time to think about creating a wildfire defensible zone surrounding your property.

A wildfire defensible zone is an area around your estate that is cleared of flammable objects to help stop fire spreading to your house or other structures inside the boundary. This could also supply a convenient area for firefighters to work in to protect your home in the event of a wildfire.

To create the zone you need to clear a flat area of land at least 70-75 feet surrounding your home. Remove all dead shrubbery and keep any grass well-trimmed and watered. Be certain any trees are well trimmed and any branches under 10 feet above ground level are removed.

Keeping your defensible zone well maintained can help make the difference between your home surviving a wildfire and all your property and assets going up in smoke. In addition to needing to make a claim on your Orlando homeowners insurance, falling victim to a wildfire can mean losing irreplaceable personal possessions.


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